Personal Info

Name: Tanja Hass Nielsen

Born: Danish, 1987

In 2007 I took part in a 5 months clasical drawing course at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.
from 2009-2013 I studied for my bachelors degree in Computer Graphics Art from the same place.

From August 2012 until december 2013 I was a character design intern at LUXX-Studios in Stuttgart, Germany.

Working for LUXX - studios again from February to end of July 2013
Still working on character designs and doing additional clay sculpting.

Current whereabouts:
Back in Denmark and currently looking for work.
building portfolio and taking an anatomy class.

Personal Info:

This blog is my sparetime work/silly skethches/worthles but funny doodles dumpster.
Basicly I am interested in sharing my non profesional work with all of you.
I am very open to coments or critique in the name of improvements.

My goal and main interest is to draw for animation.
Design characters, creatures, props and environments.
Paint and illustrate and sketch.

When I do not draw I mostly watch TV - because I love it.
I love silly kids tv shows and cartoons and comedy's and action movies.
I also very much enjoy to read books or bake cakes.
I love cake.....

If for some reason you are interested in seeing more of my work
- feel free to visit my profesional blog here:

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